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IHCC is excited to launch a free monthly educational webinar series open to all IHCC member cohorts and others outside of the organization interested in participating. With the ultimate goal to bring cohorts together to enhance information-sharing and collaboration, this online series aims to provide a forum for cohort members to exchange scientific ideas, best practices, and lessons learned; showcase cohorts’ accomplishments, emphasizing LMICs; share international funding opportunities; and more. Each month a different IHCC member will be featured as a guest speaker.  

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June's Featured Speaker

Professor Catterina Ferreccio R. MD MPH

Dr. Ferreccio leads a research group, experienced in population-based epidemiological studies of health effects, in particular cancers, associated with chemical exposures (arsenic in drinking water, aflatoxins) and chronic microbiological infections (HPV, Helicobacter pylori, Salmonella typhi). Their field-epidemiology infrastructure includes strong ties with local universities, health systems and international collaborators. The group actively participates in the public health implementation of their findings. They designed and conducted the first National Heath Survey 2003, and the first Chilean population-based large cohort and biobank of chronic diseases, the MAUCO cohort. They run a high impact master program in Epidemiology and recently opened the first Chilean PhD in Epidemiology program, which Dr. Ferreccio directs. Dr. Ferreccio is currently a member of the COVID19 advisory committee for the MoH and the President of Chile.

Publications: 177 peer-reviewed.
Funding: CONICYT, NIH.

Catterina Ferreccio R. MD MPH
Director MAUCO Cohort/Deputy Director Advanced Center of Chronic Diseases (ACCDiS).
Director PhD Program in Epidemiology
Department of Public Health/ School of Medicine
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Talk Summary

The MAUCO population-based cohort: Baseline and first 5 years of follow up

The Maule Cohort (MAUCO), located in an agricultural area of Central Chile, is a population-based cohort of 10,000 people aged 38 to 74 at study entrance. Enrolment began in 2004. It is aimed at chronic diseases and cancer, but in 2020 Dr. Ferreccio’s group initiated a COVID19 study in this population, as well as in the whole Molina county, where MAUCO is located. They explore a broad range of exposures and outcomes. The cohort is funded by Chilean competitive funds, but additional funds for nested studies have also been mobilized. Dr. Ferreccio will present baseline characteristics of participants, surveillance health events and some results of nested studies.

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