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IHCC's Educational Webinar Series Continues in 2022

IHCC is excited to head into 2022 with our Educational Webinar Series, where we will continue to provide a collaborative platform for IHCC member cohorts to share scientific ideas, success stories, lessons learned and funding opportunities.

Our aim for this online series is to provide a forum for cohort members to exchange scientific ideas, best practices, and lessons learned; showcase cohorts’ accomplishments, emphasizing LMICs; share international funding opportunities; and more. Each month a different IHCC member will be featured as a guest speaker.

For January, Dr. Sarah Bauermeister will present her talk, “Global Mental Health Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic,” focusing on how IHCC’s COVID-19 Mental Health & Behavioral Impact Scientific Working Group is utilizing the unique platform of the IHCC consortium to address issues related to COVID-19 and mental health. This talk will take place on January 31st.

For February, Dr. Andrew May and Dr. Michele Ramsay’s talk “Coronavirus Host Genomics Study – South Africa,” will look into the research and impact of the Omicron Variant in Africa. This talk will take place February 28th.

For March, we have IHCC’s own Dr. Peter Goodhand with his talk, “Genomic Data Sharing for Global Health.”

For April, look out for Dr. Geraldine Van der Auwera’s talk, “Terra and the biomedical data ecosystem: current capabilities and lessons learned so far” which is currently set for April 26th at 9am EST.

We’re excited to keep this series going, and hope you’ll be there for every lecture in 2022!