Linking cohorts, understanding biology, improving health

International HundredK+ Cohorts Consortium (IHCC)

Creating a global network to address scientific questions none could answer alone

IHCC aims to create a global platform for translational research – informing the biological and genetic basis for disease and improving clinical care and population health.

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Working Groups

Policies & Systems

Policies and Systems

Developing a policy agenda to facilitate and optimize the impact of assembling cohorts; address challenges and identify common needs.
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Data Interoperability & Connectivity

Data Interoperability and Connectivity

Delivering IT standards and infrastructure for IHCC to enable population-scale genomic and biomolecular data accessible across international borders.
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Scientific Strategies

Scientific Strategies

Developing a scientific agenda to identify novel approaches to diagnose and treat genomic conditions, explore enhancements to existing cohorts, and address diversity gaps.
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Training, Sharing, & Capacity Development

Training, Sharing, and Capacity Development

Making it possible for ALL cohorts to contribute to IHCC science challenges through collaboration enhancement, training, education, and knowledge sharing.
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