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NIH Virtual Workshop on Genetic Modifiers

Join us for NIH’s September Virtual Workshop Join us and our colleagues at the National Institute of health for their virtual workshop “Genetic Modifiers: Lessons from Nervous System Disorders” Co-Chaired by Huda Zoghbi, Susan Ackerman, Monica Justice, Marcy MacDonald, Trudy MacKay and Stephan Zuchner on Sept 21st-23rd. IHCC’s own Hakon Hakonarson will give a talk and highlight some recent IHCC data on Alzheimer’s Disease. Other speakers representing the IHCC will be announced in the coming weeks. Check out the link below for more information and register for this free workshop! Learn More & Register

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Featured Cohort: Estonian Genome Project

IHCC Featured Cohort: The Estonian Biobank PI: Prof. Andres Metspalu, M.D., Ph.D. The Estonian Biobank (Est.BB) is an active member of the IHCC and has a current cohort size of more than 200,000 individuals. Est.BB is part of the international biobanking community and is a founding member of other consortia like international P3G and BBMRI-ERIC in the European Union. IHCC has a unique approach, which we like very much, covering research, education, and training; facilitating the exchange of information between biobanks; and extending the biobanking approach to new countries and continents. In addition to bringing cohorts together from across the

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IHCC and Wellcome Trust Release COVID-19 Questionnaire

IHCC has partnered with Wellcome Trust to develop a COVID-19 Questionnaire that will allow countries to assess the impact of the pandemic on individuals and households. The survey is available for download and can be used by cohorts and organizations across the world, and particularly in low and middle income countries, to begin to provide insights into the impacts the pandemic.

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