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IHCC’s Educational Webinar Series Continues in 2022

IHCC’s Educational Webinar Series Continues in 2022 with Talks in January and February IHCC is excited to head into 2022 with our Educational Webinar Series, where we will continue to provide a collaborative platform for IHCC member cohorts to share scientific ideas, success stories, lessons learned and funding opportunities. Our aim for this online series is to provide a forum for cohort members to exchange scientific ideas, best practices, and lessons learned; showcase cohorts’ accomplishments, emphasizing LMICs; share international funding opportunities; and more. Each month a different IHCC member will be featured as a guest speaker. For January, Dr. Sarah

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IHCC Featured Cohort: Generation Victoria (GenV)

IHCC Featured Cohort: Generation Victoria (GenV) PIs: Prof Melissa Wake MBChB MD, Prof Richard Saffery PhD, Prof Sharon Goldfeld MBBS PhD  Modern ‘mega’ cohorts, such UK Biobank, are transforming how policy and practice questions are addressed for older adults. The new Generation Victoria (GenV) Cohort 2020s is aiming to achieve this for the beginning of life and of midlife. Drawing important lessons from other recent initiatives, both successful and less so, we have set out to design a cohort that changes how we conduct lifecourse research and thence to make fundamental contributions to better lifecourse trajectories for individuals, diverse groups

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Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative/IHCC Partnership Reaching Major Milestones

Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative and IHCC Announce Milestones in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease The Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative (DAC) is a global multi-stakeholder partnership that is mobilizing the world against Alzheimer’s disease, and the IHCC is proud to be a part of this million person cohort.        “Now is the time to act on Alzheimer’s. International bodies including the WHO, G7, and G20 have all made commitments in recent years that recognize the need to act together, act globally and act now to address this health crisis…DAC is a response to these calls for action, bringing the speed and scale that

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Departure of IHCC Associate Director, Eric Plummer

Departure of IHCC Associate Director, Eric Plummer Please join us in wishing farewell to Eric Plummer, Associate Director of IHCC, as he transitions to a new role outside of the organization at the end of September. Eric’s leadership saw the IHCC grow exponentially since he joined in 2019. During his 22-month tenure, Eric has ushered in the IHCC governance framework, managed the development and submission of over $6.5M of grant funding, planned and delivered both of our International Cohort Summits, oversaw numerous pilot projects, among many other landmark accomplishments. Before his departure, Eric facilitated the development of a 5-year strategic

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IHCC Featured Cohort: Estonian Genome Project

IHCC Featured Cohort: The Estonian Biobank PI: Prof. Andres Metspalu, M.D., Ph.D. The Estonian Biobank (Est.BB) is an active member of the IHCC and has a current cohort size of more than 200,000 individuals. Est.BB is part of the international biobanking community and is a founding member of other consortia like international P3G and BBMRI-ERIC in the European Union. IHCC has a unique approach, which we like very much, covering research, education, and training; facilitating the exchange of information between biobanks; and extending the biobanking approach to new countries and continents. In addition to bringing cohorts together from across the

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