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IHCC COVID-19 Questionnaire

What is the COVID-19 Questionnaire?

  • The IHCC COVID-19 Questionnaire is an open, collaborative effort led by the IHCC and Wellcome Trust, to assist sites in assessing the impact of COVID-19 across countries.
  • It includes measures of physical and mental health, as well as the behavioral, economic, societal, and environmental impact of the pandemic on individuals and households.
  • Customizable REDCap data dictionary and rich-text versions are available to download for free below.
  • The questionnaire includes “core” items – considered central to the assessment – and a pool of additional “recommended” items that can supplement the core questions. While modifications for local administration will be required, we urge sites to keep changes to a minimum.

IHCC is working with Wellcome Trust to share resources, intelligence and data where appropriate. While the IHCC COVID-19 Questionnaire includes specific questions and formats geared towards lower and middle-income countries, Wellcome Trust has developed several versions of a COVID-19 Questionnaire that may be useful in upper-middle and high-income regions.

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COVID-19 Survey Downloads

Who is it For?

The questionnaire is intended for cohorts who are consented to contact large populations. While it was developed primarily for use in lower to middle income countries, it can be used by any organization in any country. 

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the questionnaire is to provide cohorts with a standardized set of questions that can provide insights into the impact of COVID-19 across countries. We hope that a standardized approach will facilitate data-sharing, minimize the need of data harmonization and increase collaboration across borders.

How do I Cite the Questionnaire?

Please use the following;

De Silva M, Herbst K*, Galobardes B, Price A, Geubbels E, Todd J, Kanjala C, Le Doare K, Stewart R, Malay M, Novella R, Slaymaker E, Crampin A, Goon I, Ramsay M, Ziraba A, Chambers J; and the LMIC Working Group (2020). LMIC COVID-19 Core Questionnaire.
*Corresponding author: Kobus Herbst