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Training and Workforce Development

Making it possible for ALL cohorts to contribute to IHCC science challenges through collaboration enhancement, training, education, and knowledge sharing.


Core Initiatives


Five-Year Goal

For IHCC to be THE go-to resource for large cohort research.

How do we get there?

Our 1-3 year objectives consists of 3 prioritized sub-groups projects:

  • Establish Cross-Cohort Exchange Program
  • Establish Mentorship Activities for Young Investigators
  • Establish an ongoing Cohort Educational Webinar Series, with additional hands-on workshops and/or forum discussions as needed

In more concrete ways:

  • Develop workshops, seminars, symposia, training channels
  • Create a cohort curriculum (multiple modules and levels), IHCC summer school (virtual/live bootcamp – on data management, cohort design), virtual trainings with certificate, look for agreements between universities 
  • List on IHCC website trainings and educational programs and resources
  • Priority content: data analysis, IT
  • Partnership with countries with more resources to provide access to lower resources countries
  • Reach out to young investigators community


Latifa El Hadri, Ph.D.

Working Group Project Manager

Albert Tenesa

Working Group Lead

Join Us!

The Training and Workforce Development Working Group members meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. EST on Zoom. Meetings are open to all IHCC members.

Interested in Joining the Training and Workforce Development Working Group?

Email us at and we will connect you to the team.