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IHCC Resource Center

Connecting cohorts through the sharing of data, information, and resources to enhance the understanding of the biological and genetic basis of disease and improve clinical care and population health.

IHCC Resource Center

The IHCC Resource Center is a continuously updated resource page that houses IHCC policies and guidance, tools, publications and other resources that may be relevant to IHCC cohorts.

Latest Tools & Resources

IHCC Cohort Atlas Browser

Access the IHCC Cohort Atlas- a searchable database that can be used to standardize cohort data and make it widely accessible for data sharing and discovery.

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COVID-19 Pandemic Vulnerability Index (PVI)

The new NIEHS COVID-19 PVI Dashboard provides population-level data allowing for better understanding of how the virus is spreading and who is at risk.

IHCC COVID-19 Questionnaire

IHCC has partnered with Wellcome Trust to develop a COVID-19 Questionnaire that will allow countries to assess the impact of the pandemic on individuals and households. While researchers across the world are rushing to develop a vaccine and governments are battling to slow the spread of the disease, we have yet to understand the severity of the short and long term physical, mental, behavioral, economic, societal, and environmental impacts of COVID-19. By establishing a standardized set of questions, IHCC and Wellcome Trust hope the questionnaire will serve as a resource that can be used by cohorts or organizations across the world to begin to provide insights into these impacts across countries. By developing a standardized approach, we can better facilitate data-sharing, minimize the need for data harmonization, and increase collaboration across borders.